Kathy Merrill

bible educator

Kathy Christian Merrill is a graduate of Principia College with a degree in sociology and elementary education. She has a master’s degree in education from Arizona State University. She has taught various grade levels for over 26 years, the last 13 at Principia Lower School in St. Louis. In 1998, she quit teaching to work as the Campus Promotions Director at Principia College for two years, and then from 2000-2010 as a Resident Counselor in a dorm at Principia College.

For seven years, Kathy worked for Biblos Foundation in St. Louis, a foundation which encourages deeper Bible study through the lens of Christian Science. She has joined her sister Kristy in leading groups of Christian Scientists to places around the world to study the Bible. She has been to Israel 25 times and to Turkey, Greece, and England.

Two years ago, Kathy was rehired by Principia School to “encourage deeper Bible study with adults and to help parents work with their children on teaching the Scriptures to them at home.” Besides sharing this blog, and providing research on the current Bible Lesson, she organized Bible talks at Principia and gives workshops and talks around the country on the Bible. 

Kathy was recently hired by Peace Haven Association to be their Director of Inspirational Programs. Here she will continue to share her study of the Bible with residents, and various ways in the field.

Together with her sister, Kristy Christian, Kathy has co-authored several books on the Bible. These all can be found on the website: www.biblosfoundation.org

1) In Jesus’ Times

2) Moses and the Law

3) Acts 1-10, Early Christianity

4) Acts 11-27 Paul and Early Christianity

5) Sunday School Idea Pamphlet

Along with her sister, Kristy, and by herself, Kathy has given over 600 Bible workshops nationwide for Principia Clubs, Principia Summer Session courses, individual Christian Science churches, schools, and nursing homes. She has also given talks on the Bible in Canada and India.

Kathy is always available to help people deepen their study of the Scriptures. Please contact her if she can be of help to you!