More Ideas on "Christ Jesus for August 27, 2017

Dear Friends,

I apologize for sending out another blog post in the same week, but as I've been studying, more has come to light (as it should), and I feel impelled to share what is coming to me. If this is too much, please just delete this post.

Truth, Life, and Love are formidable, wherever thought, felt, spoken, or written, — in the pulpit, in the court-room, by the wayside, or in our homes. They are the victors never to be vanquished.

My 185:10-14

All throughout this Lesson I see words that are connected to the theme of the spoken word:

For example: words that I speak; Jesus cried; hear my words; receiveth not my words; spoken of myself; what I should say- what I should speak; spoken unto you; he shall teach you; whatsoever I have said unto you.

(and these are just in the Responsive Reading)  
Search for every phrase in the lesson that speaks to this theme! Even the healing of the deaf and dumb, and Jesus speaking the word to the man with the unclean devil. It is everywhere!


Word Study


Research on II Cor. 4:6,  God who commanded. . . 


John 12:46  "I am come  LIGHT unto the world"


Research on John 14:26  the Comforter


Research on "scientific certainty" SH 496:15


Outstanding article called "The Snake on the Garden Wall" Evelyn Grover Hess, April 1981, CSJ


Hope this ideas are helpful as you deepen your study of Christ Jesus.

with love,